2018 Roads Program Draws to a Successful Close

Rocky View County is bringing its 2018 road construction season to a successful close, with $16.59 million in rehabilitation and improvement projects undertaken.

“Rocky Viewers rank our road network as their number one priority,” says Reeve Greg Boehlke. “Council has listened, and we’ve put an emphasis on maintaining and improving our transportation network. The work done this year is making a real difference in the safety of our roads, their quality, and their longevity.”

In the winter months, roadwork mainly involves snow and ice control to ensure public safety. But, the warmer months bring road construction, and 2018 was a particularly successful year, with 23 projects completed or significantly advanced.

The County completed $3.57 million in road maintenance and rehabilitation work, which involves major surface improvements to maintain existing roads and prolong their lifespans. These projects included:

  1. Church Ranches Boulevard (1.92 km of road levelling and asphalt overlay)
  2. 12 Mile Coulee Road (1.8 km of asphalt overlay)
  3. Blueridge Drive (0.54 km of asphalt overlay)
  4. Range Road 293 (1 km of asphalt overlay)
  5. Butte Hills Court (0.33 km of asphalt overlay)
  6. Rainbow Boulevard (1.45 km of asphalt overlay)
  7. Elbow River Drive (1.7 km of road levelling and asphalt overlay)
  8. Range Road 284 (6.4 km of road patching and asphalt overlay)
  9. Sixth Street – Keoma (0.09 km of asphalt overlay)
  10. Willow Way (1.99 km of asphalt overlay)
  11. Range Road 34 (0.8 km of asphalt overlay)
  12. Township Road 270 (3.7 km of asphalt overlay)
  13. View Ridge Place (0.65 km of asphalt overlay)

The County completed important phases of three major road network improvement projects in 2018, with total budgets of $8.1 million. These projects support the development of the road network and its interface with regional transportation networks. The three projects were:

  1. Langdon Center Street Redevelopment (1.62 km of street improvements). Completed engineering assessments and preliminary designs for four lanes of vehicle traffic, an underground storm water system, and pedestrian accommodation from Highway 560 to Railway Avenue. The project will carry forward to 2019 with work on creating a phased development plan to help guide long-term construction, and detailed engineering and construction plans.
  2. Range Road 290 (6.4 km of subgrade improvements). Completed preliminary engineering for major grade improvements to prepare the surface for future paving. Moving forward, the County will attempt to acquire the necessary project land, or consider alternative designs or scopes of work. Construction is planned for the spring of 2019.
  3. Township Road 250 (4.8 km of widening and asphalt overlay). Widening has been completed for the majority of the roadway, with final paving scheduled for the spring of 2019.

Finally, Rocky View County advanced work on seven road improvement projects that began in previous years. The projects, with total budgets of $4.92 million, include:

  1. Bearspaw Road (3.2 km of widening and asphalt overlay). The entire Bearspaw Road has now been widened and paved. The intersection of Bearspaw Road and Burma Road has been reconfigured to add or improve turning lanes, improve sightlines, and increase visibility of the traffic control signs. Major side slope improvements continue near Jewel Valley into December.
  2. Range Road 283 (3.2 km of subgrade improvements). The County could not secure the lands needed to complete the intended work. The scope of the project was modified to include calcium stabilizing the entire road.
  3. Range Road 14 (9.5 km of subgrade repairs). All work completed.
  4. Peigan Trail (1.6 km of base improvements and asphalt overlay). All work completed.
  5. Township Road 233 (5.5 km of subgrade improvements). Awaiting regulatory approvals. In the meantime, detailed engineering has been completed, wetland compensation has been paid, and all land agreements are complete. If regulatory approval is received, construction is planned for the spring of 2019.
  6. Township Road 251A (1.7 km of subgrade and grade-line improvements). The necessary lands cannot be acquired to proceed as intended. The scope of work was changed to include a full calcium stabilization, which is now complete.
  7. Range Road 32 (1.65 km of subgrade repairs and calcium stabilization). Repairs and stabilization completed.

The road program is funded by Alberta’s Basic Municipal Transportation Grant, the Federal Gas Tax Fund, and Rocky View County’s Community Aggregate Payment Levy and municipal property taxes.

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