Council Decisions: May 22, 2018

Here is a brief summary of the decisions of Rocky View County Council at the May 22, 2018 Council Meeting. This is a general overview of decisions only. Specific details can be found in this meeting’s agenda (see the Council Minutes and Archives page), or in the minutes of this meeting that will be printed in the next Council Meeting agenda. Details are also available by contacting the County’s Legislative and Legal Services department.

General Business

  • Council voted to appoint David Rupert, Gary Nikiforuk, Jorge de Freitas, Mark Betts, Michele Longo, Peter Dwan, and Roche Herbst to the Bragg Creek Fire-Smart Committee for a one year term.
  • Council voted to approve the following Regional Recreation Funding Application requests:
    • $320,000 to the Springbank Park for All Seasons for operating and maintenance costs, and a further $80,000 for arena heaters, refrigeration equipment replacement, and curling improvements (funding from the Recreational Tax Levy)
    • $158,550 to the Spray Lake Sawmills Recreation Park Society for operations and lifecycle and capital projects at the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre (funding from the Recreational Tax Levy), and a further $75,000 for arena parking lot paving and ice surfacer machine batteries (funding from the Public Reserve)
  • Council voted to contract with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to provide policing to the hamlet of Langdon. Under the Police Act, a hamlet with a population of more than 5,000 must develop and fund its own policing solution. In Langdon’s case, the solution must be in place by April 1, 2020.
  • Council voted to renew a Memorandum of Understanding with the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General department to provide an additional RCMP officer to the Strathmore Detachment to serve County divisions 4 and part of 5. The cost to the County is approximately $158,000 in each of the agreement’s three years. Council also directed Administration to prepare a report on the option of funding a watch clerk position at the detachment.
  • Council voted to request that Alberta Transportation conduct a Safety Audit on Highway 9 from Highway 1 north to the Town of Beiseker.
  • Council voted to give First and Second Reading to an updated Firearms Bylaw. In recognition of growth and development in the County, the bylaw outlines No Shooting zones in hamlets and in West Bragg Creek, Springbank, Elbow Valley, Bearspaw, Cochrane Lake, East Balzac, South Conrich, and Inverlake Road. Exemptions are made for pest control on specifically-designated agricultural lands. The bylaw also offers greater clarity in definitions. The Firearms Bylaw will now go to the Alberta Minister of Environment and Parks for approval under the Wildlife Act before Council considers final reading.
  • Council approved a new Community Aggregate Payment Levy Bylaw (C-7748-2018). This bylaw increases the levy the County charges on extracted aggregate (such as sand and gravel) from 25 cents per tonne (set in 2006) to 40 cents per tonne, effective July 1, 2018.

Planning & Development

  • Division 5 – File PL20170133 (03336027), Bylaw C-7735-2017, Re-designation Item: Agricultural Holdings District to Residential One District (considered under the Fragmented Quarter Section policies of the County Plan). Approved.
  • Division 1 – File PL20160082 (04835001), Bylaw C-7752-2018, Re-designation Item: New or Distinct Agricultural Operation, Ranch and Farm District to Agricultural Holdings District (considered under the County Plan). Approved.
  • Division 5 – File PL20180010 (03331006), Bylaw C-7779-2018, Re-designation Item: Ranch and Farm District to Agriculture Holdings District and Industrial-Industrial Activity District (considered under the Janet Area Structure Plan and the Rocky View County/City of Calgary Inter-Municipal Development Plan). Approved.
  • Division 9 – File PL20170178 (06832001), Bylaw C-7759-2018, Re-designation Item: Ranch and Farm District to Residential Three District (considered under the Cochrane North Area Structure Plan). Approved.
  • Division 3 – File PL20170158 (04618004/04618019), Bylaw C-7755-2018, Conceptual Scheme Item: Atkins Conceptual Scheme (amending the Central Springbank Area Structure Plan). Related to the item below. Approved.
  • Division 3 – File PL20170169 (04618019), Bylaw C-7756-2018, Re-designation Item: Ranch and Farm District to Residential Two District. Related to the item above. Approved.

Subdivision Items

  • Division 6 – File PL20180003 (08501008), Subdivision Item: Residential Three District. Approved by the Subdivision Authority.
  • Division 5 – File PL20170168 (05303002), Subdivision Item: Commercial – Canadian National Railway Company. Approved by the Subdivision Authority.

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