County Seeks New Chief Administrative Officer

Rocky View County Council has announced the departure of County Manager Kevin Greig after nearly five years as the head of administration.

“Last October’s election brought eight new voices to County council, and you’re seeing a change in direction for the municipality,” says Reeve Greg Boehlke. “At this time, Council is seeking a change in leadership. We thank Mr. Greig for his service.”

The county manager is the administrative head of the municipality, and Council’s sole employee. The position’s responsibilities include implementing the municipality’s policies and programs, advising and informing Council on the operation of the municipality, and ensuring proper staffing.

Council will now begin recruiting a new county manager, but there is no specific time frame for completing the process.

“We want to move as quickly as quickly as possible. However, Council is committed to take the necessary time to ensure we hire the right candidate. This is an important position in the County,” Boehlke says.

In the interim, General Manager Kent Robinson will serve as the acting County Manager. Mr. Robinson has over 25 years of service with Rocky View County in a variety of leadership roles.

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