Council Decisions: March 27, 2018

Here is a brief summary of the decisions of Rocky View County Council at the March 27, 2018 Council Meeting. This is a general overview of decisions only. Specific details can be found in this meeting’s agenda (see the Council Minutes and Archives page), or in the minutes of this meeting that will be printed in the next Council Meeting agenda. Details are also available by contacting the County’s Legislative and Legal Services department.

Budget and Finance

Council approved a number of special initiatives that will be added to the 2018 Base Capital and Operating Budget, with funding coming from the tax base. Those projects are:

  • $24,000 for an Emergency Response Trailer to deal with livestock accidents and issues (in co-operation with Wheatland County)
  • $74,000 for a Sprinkler Trailer that can be used in wildfires
  • $89,500 for a Records and Information Management Upgrade project
  • $76,000 for a van to support service from Corporate Properties
  • $60,000 for steamers to assist in ice and snow control in culverts
  • $97,500 for a Calcium Chloride Storage Tank to store the product used for road ice and dust control
  • $18,500 for repairing playgrounds throughout the County
  • $157,600 for four new staff (Intergovernmental Affairs, Information Services, Assessment Services, and Planning Services)

Council gave first reading to bylaws that would approve borrowing to fund these long term capital projects:

  • $600,000 for a bridge replacement on Township Road 260
  • $600,000 for a bridge replacement on Township Road 262
  • $500,000 for a bridge replacement on Range Road 20
  • $325,000 for a Fourth Street Pedestrian Walkway in Langdon
  • $750,000 for a County Salt and Sand Storage Building
  • $925,000 for paving on Range Road 284 in Conrich
  • $965,000 for paving on Township Road 270

These borrowing bylaws will be advertised for two weeks before returning to Council for consideration of Second and Third-and-Final readings.

Council voted to approve $3,900,000 to replace the Langdon Fire Station, and to apply to the Government of Alberta’s Municipal Sustainability Initiative program for a grant to cover this funding.

Council passed the 2018 Master Rates Bylaw, which details the fees the County charges for services.

General Business

  • Council voted to appoint 51 people to a one-year term as Fire Guardians for Rocky View County. Fire Guardians are authorized to issue County Fire Permits as part of enforcing the Alberta Forest and Prairie Protection Act.
  • Council approved the Terms of Reference for a Bragg Creek Fire Smart Committee, and appointed Councillor Kamachi to the committee.
  • Council approved a Regional Emergency Management Plan. The County is working with Beiseker, Irricana, and Crossfield to see those municipalities also adopt the plan to ensure a co-ordinated, regional approach in time of disaster, and to build emergency response capacity before an event occurs. 
  • Council directed Administration to prepare a letter to the Alberta Minister of Transportation requesting the speed limit of Highway 566 be reduced from 100 to 80 km/h in the area east and west of Range Road 11. The County believes the reduction is necessary to help maintain public safety following the installation by Alberta Transportation of new four-way stop signs at the intersection.

Subdivision Applications

  • Division 9 – File PL20170080 (08917009), Subdivision Item: Agricultural Holdings District and Ranch and Farm District, creating an ± 8.01 hectare parcel with an ± 8.01 hectare remainder. Approved by the Subdivision Authority.
  • Division 5 – File PL20170142 (05331007), Subdivision Item: New or Distinct Agricultural Use, creating an ± 8.09 hectare parcel with a ± 54.63 hectare remainder. Approved/Refused by the Subdivision Authority.

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