Council Decisions: January 9, 2018

Here is a brief summary of the decisions of Rocky View County Council at the January 9, 2018 Council Meeting. This is a general overview of decisions only. Specific details can be found in this meeting’s agenda (see the Council Minutes and Archives page), and the minutes of this meeting that will be printed in the next Council Meeting agenda. Details are also available by contacting the County’s Legislative and Legal Services department.

General Business

  • Council voted against a Notice of Motion to donate the proceeds from a land sale to Cochrane’s swimming pool project. Instead, Council directed that the $255,000 in funding be directed to the County’s General Recreation Reserve for future joint capital projects initiated by the Spray Lakes Sawmills Recreation Centre.

Planning & Development

  • Division 5 – File PL20170157 (05201011), Bylaw C-7744-2017, Re-designation Item: New or Distinct Agricultural Use - Ranch and Farm District to Ranch and Farm Two District (eastern border of Rocky View County). Approved.
  • Division 2 – File PL20170123 (05702033), Bylaw C-7738-2017, Re-designation Item: Residential Two District to Residential One District (under the Springbank Area Structure Plan). Approved.
  • Division 9 – File PL20160018, Bylaw C-7745-2017, Road Closure Item: Joint application to close for consolidation two portions of Road Allowance known as Range Road 45. Received First Reading. The application will be forwarded to the Alberta Minister of Transportation for a required approval before Council considers Second and Third Readings.
  • Division 7 – File PL20160131 (08634001), Bylaw C-7742-2017, Re-designation Item: First Parcel Out, Farmstead – Ranch and Farm District to Farmstead District (Highway 574). Refused.
  • Division 9 – File PL20170108 (06823011), Bylaw C-7708-2017, Re-designation Item: Agricultural Holdings District to Residential Two District (under the Cochrane North Area Structure Plan). Received Second Reading. Third (Final) Reading will be considered on January 23, 2018.

Subdivision Applications

  • Division 4 – File PL20150047 (04210009): Two Lots, Business (highway frontage near intersection of Highways 1 and 797). Approved by the Subdivision Authority.
  • Division 8 – File PL20170023 (05724009): Residential One District and Agricultural Holdings District (under the Bearspaw Area Structure Plan). Approved by the Subdivision Authority.
  • Division 5 – File PL20170149 (03332005/015): Boundary Adjustment (under the Janet Area Structure Plan). Approved.
  • Division 6 – File PL20170129 (08509001): New or Distinct Agricultural Use (southwest of the Town of Crossfield). Approved by the Subdivision Authority.

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