Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Tracking Survey: Measuring Progress

It is almost time for the 2018 edition of the Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Tracking Survey to be fielded across Alberta. This January, Kynetec Canada will be contacting 500 farmers and ranchers by telephone. Kynetec is a global company specializing in market research for agriculture and animal health; they recently acquired Ipsos Agriculture and Animal Health who had conducted the survey in the past.

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF) works towards ensuring that “Alberta’s agriculture and forest industries are more environmentally responsible and sustainable.” AF understands that Albertans are becoming increasingly aware of potential environmental issues; the effects crop and livestock production have on soil, water, air, and biodiversity and the need for effective management of these resources.

One of the ways AF has been tracking farmers’ and ranchers’ progress in mitigating farm-level agri-environmental risks in a responsible and sustainable manner is through the Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Tracking Survey. This survey is conducted every two years and reports on a provincial scale the average percentage of improved environmentally sustainable agriculture practices adopted by farmers and ranchers. It provides valuable information about how farmers and ranchers are making progress towards environmentally sustainable agriculture and how AF can improve programs and services to support their environmental stewardship.

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