Rocky View County Council Makes Appointments

Rocky View County’s new council was sworn in Tuesday by Judge Margaret Keelaghan, QC, and then conducted the first orders of business with almost 60 appointments to various County boards and committees.

The meeting began with the selection by council of Division 6 Councillor Greg Boehlke as Reeve, and Division 5 Councillor Jerry Gautreau as Deputy Reeve. The Reeve serves as head of council, and chairs council meetings. The appointments are for one year.

County councillors received applications for board and committee membership in advance, and reviewed the merits of each applicant last week before voting on the appointments during Tuesday’s meeting. These appointments are from one to four years, and the list of appointees meeting includes:

Internal Committees

  1. Policy and Priorities Committee
    Council Members: All Councillors
    Chair: Kim McKylor
  2. Agriculture Service Board
    Council Members: Daniel Henn, Mark Kamachi, Crystal Kissel
    Public Member: Jessica Van Gaalen
    Chair: Daniel Henn
  3. Assessment Review Board
    Public Members: Don Kochan, Kathy Penney, David Sheridan
  4. Municipal Emergency Advisory Committee
    Council Members: All Councillors
  5. Family and Community Support Services Board
    Council Members: Jerry Gautreau, Al Schule
    Public Members: Sarita Barrett, Dimitri Dimopoulos, Tiffany Fassnidge, Hamish Kerfoot
  6. Subdivision & Development Appeal Board / Enforcement Appeal Committee
    Council Members: Kevin Hanson, Crystal Kissel, Samanntha Wright
    Public Members: Ian Galbraith, Hazel George, Don Kochan, Wendy Metzger, Margaret Bahcheli (Alternate), Syd Hartley (Alternate)

External Committees

  1. Beiseker Seed Cleaning Plant
    Council Member: Greg Boehlke
  2. Bow River Basin Water Council
    Council Member: Mark Kamachi
  3. Elbow River Watershed Partnership
    Council Member: Mark Kamachi
  4. CN Railway Site Committee
    Council Member: Jerry Gautreau
  5. Rocky View Foundation
    Council Members: Daniel Henn, Al Schule
  6. Rocky View School District/Rocky View County Joint Working Committee
    Council Members: Kim McKylor, Al Schule
  7. Joint Use Langdon Facility Planning Committee
    Council Member: Al Schule
  8. Spray Lake Sawmills Recreation Parks Society
    Council Member: Crystal Kissel
  9. Springbank Park for All Seasons Agricultural Society
    Council Member: Kim McKylor
  10. Aqua 7 Water Commission
    Council Members: Greg Boehlke, Jerry Gautreau (Alternate)

Recreation Districts

  1. Bearspaw/Glendale Recreation District
    Council Member: Samanntha Wright
    Public Member: John Sherban
  2. Beiseker Recreation District
    Council Member: Greg Boehlke
    Public Member: Wendy Metzger
  3. Bow North Recreation District
    Council Member: Al Schule
    Public Members: Cori Gustavsen, Jaclyn Reid
  4. Chestermere-Conrich Regional Recreation District
    Council Member: Jerry Gautreau
    Public Member: A public member will be appointed at a future date.
  5. Crossfield Recreation District
    Council Member: Greg Boehlke
    Public Member: A public member will be appointed at a future date.
  6. Madden Recreation District
    Council Member: Daniel Henn
  7. Ranch Lands Recreation District
    Council Member: Crystal Kissel
    Public Member: A public member will be appointed at a future date.
  8. Rocky View Central District
    Council Member: Daniel Henn
    Public Members: Gordon Miller. A second public member will be appointed at a future date.
  9. Rocky View East Regional Recreation District
    Council Members: Greg Boehlke
    Public Members: Trevor Bell, Jim Laye. A third public member will be appointed at a future date.
  10. Rocky View West Recreation District
    Council Members: Kevin Hanson, Mark Kamachi (Alternate)
    Public Members: Jan Erisman, Peter Hughes, Pam Janzen, Ronda Rankin

Note that public members may include residents who are appointed to represent a specific geographic area or community, or to represent a partnering agency in the board or committee.

For more information on any Rocky View County board or committee, visit the Boards and Committees section.

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