Recount Called for Two County Divisions

Rocky View County’s Returning Officer has called a recount in two of the County’s nine electoral divisions.

For Division 7 (north central Rocky View County, Balzac, and Madden), only six votes separated the candidates. One of the candidates requested a recount, which was granted. For Division 2 (Springbank) only 24 votes separated the candidates. The Returning Officer believed there were suitable grounds to verify the accuracy of the count.

Once a recount is called, all seals on the ballot boxes are broken and all ballots recounted. If the recount finds any errors, the Returning Officer corrects the ballot count.

Rocky View County’s Returning Officer will conduct the recount on Thursday, October 19.  If any change in vote count occurs, it will be announced, and then reflected in the official election results, which are released at noon on Friday, October 20, 2017.

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