Council Decisions: September 26, 2017

Here is a brief summary of the decisions of Rocky View County Council at the September 26, 2017 Council Meeting. This is an overview only—specific details are available on the Council Minutes and Archives page or by contacting the County’s Legislative and Legal Services department.

General Business

  • Emergency funding was approved in an amount not to exceed $100,000 for the replacement of a septic field at the Indus Recreation Centre.
  • Divisions 8 and 9 – File 1013-266 and 1013-267: Council approved the Mediation Team Mandate for the County as it deals with Municipal Government Board appeals by Calgary and Cochrane to the Glenbow Ranch Area Structure Plan.
  • Division 9 – File PL20150077 (06836001/06836005), Revised Master Site Development Plan: Hughes Gravel Pit (Lafarge Canada). Approved.
  • Division 9 – File PL20160054 (07801003), Revised Master Site Development Plan: BRADI Gravel Pit (McNair Sand & Gravel). Approved.
  • Division 9 – File PL20150100 (06731002), Revised Master Site Development Plan: Summit Gravel Pit (Mountain Ash Limited). Approved.
  • Division 7– File PL20140125 (07507003), Revised Master Site Development Plan: Airdrie Eco Park Development (Related to File PL20140124 (07507003) under Bylaws). Deferred to the October 10 Council Meeting.

Planning & Development

  • Division 9 – File PL20170060 (06834011): Residential Subdivision. Approved (Subdivision Authority).
  • Division 7 – File PL20170061 (06635007): New or Distinct Agricultural Operation, Ranch & Farm Three District. Approved (Subdivision Authority).
  • Division 7 – File PL20170079 (06404013): Direct Control District 131. Approved (Subdivision Authority).
  • Division 4 – File PL20170056 (01225003), Bylaw C-7698-2017, Re-designation Item: First Parcel Out – Ranch & Farm District to Farmstead District. Approved.
  • Division 6 – File PL20170099 (06122003), Bylaw C-7694-2017, Re-designation Item: Residential re-designation in an agricultural area. Approved.
  • Division 5 – File PL20170088 (05303002), Bylaw C-7692-2017, Re-designation Item: Industrial Development within Conrich Station Conceptual Scheme. Approved.


  • Division 4 – File 6060-300: Amendment to the Bow North Recreation District Board Bylaw C-7322-2013. Approved.
  • Division 7 – File PL20140124 (07507003): Further consideration of Bylaw 7586-2016 for re-designation from Ranch and Farm District to Direct Control District (Related to File PL20140125 (07507003) under General Business). Approved.
  • Division 4 – File PL20160107 (03222002/003/091), Bylaw C-7676-2017: The adoption of the Painted Sky Conceptual Scheme (Related to item below). Approved.
  • Division 4 – File PL20160108 (03222002/003/091), Bylaw 7677-2017: Re-designation from Ranch and Farm District and Residential Three District to Residential Mixed Housing District (proposed new district), Public Services District, and Hamlet Commercial District (Related to item above). Approved.
  • Division 5 – File PL20170094 (1014-390) Bylaw C-7700-2017: The adoption of the proposed Omni Area Structure Plan. Approved.

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