Rocky View County 2017 Election Candidates

Nineteen people have declared their candidacy in the upcoming municipal election. The list of candidates was official at noon today and those names will appear on the October 16 ballot.

The following people running for election are listed in alphabetical order for each of the nine Rocky View County electoral divisions:

Division 1

Southwest Rocky View County; Bragg Creek

  • Mark Kamachi
  • Enrique Massot

Division 2


  • Jerry Arshinoff (incumbent)
  • Kim McKylor

Division 3

Elbow Valley

  • Gordon Branson
  • Kevin Hanson

Division 4

Southeast Rocky View County; Langdon; Dalemead; Indus

  • Douglas Fairley
  • Albert Micheal Schule

Division 5

East Rocky View County; Conrich; Dalroy

  • Jerry Gautreau
  • Steven Gehring

Division 6

Northeast Rocky View County; Kathyrn; Keoma

  • Greg Boehlke (incumbent)
  • John McMurray

Division 7

North central Rocky View County; Balzac; Madden

  • Syd Hartley
  • Daniel Henn

Division 8


  • Eric Lowther (incumbent)
  • Samanntha Wright

Division 9

Northwest Rocky View County, Cochrane Lake

  • Bruce Kendall (incumbent)
  • Crystal Kissel
  • Colleen E. Munro

Under Rocky View County’s system, a reeve and deputy reeve are chosen each year by councillors from among their number, so residents vote only for their councillor.

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