Council Decisions: September 12 & 14, 2017

Here is a brief summary of the decisions of Rocky View County Council at the September 12, 2017 Council Meeting, and the September 14, 2017 Special Council Meeting. This is an overview only—specific details are available on the Council Minutes and Archives page or by contacting the County’s Legislative and Legal Services department.

General Business

  • Division 7 – File 06521004: Waiver of six month waiting period for Development Permit reapplication. Approved.


  • Division 1 – File PL20160075, Bylaw C-7614-2016: Closure of a portion of undeveloped Road Plan TRL237W. Approved.
  • Division 3 – File PL20150136, Bylaw C-7563-2016: Closure of a portion of undeveloped Elbow River Drive. Approved.
  • All Divisions – File 1007-300, Bylaw C-7711-2017: The adoption of a Modified Voting Procedure for more than one voting station per electoral division.  Received Second Reading.  Due to the time sensitive nature of this item (the Provincially-mandated October 16 municipal election) a special meeting of Rocky View County Council was held Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. where Third (final) Reading was approved.


  • Division 4 – File PL20170107 (02232002), Bylaw C-7696-2017, Redesignation Item: Redesignation of a portion from Ranch & Farm District (RF) to Industrial – Industrial Storage District (I-IS). Approved.
  • Division 6 – File PL20170106 (1013-150), Bylaw C-7678-2017: Consideration of the proposed North Central Industrial Area Structure Plan. Received Second Reading. Third (final) Reading will be considered at the September 19, 2017 Council Meeting.
  • Division 5 – File PL20170094 (1014-390), Bylaw C-7700-2017: Consideration of the proposed Omni Area Structure Plan. Received First Reading. Second and Third (final) Reading will be considered at the September 26, 2017 Council Meeting.

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