County Presents Master Farm Family Award Winner for 2017

Rocky View County is pleased to announce this year’s Master Farm Family Award winners are Marshall and Teresa Copithorne, of CL Ranches Ltd.

“We are very happy to present the award to the Copithorne family,” said Bruce Kendall, Councillor and Agricultural Services Board Chair, at a luncheon during the annual County agricultural tour. “The family has been a part of Rocky View County for over 100 years, and throughout that time has shown dedication, perseverance, and innovation in all that they do.”

CL Ranches Ltd., which began in 1896, is located in the southwest part of Rocky View County. It includes a cattle and farming operation, a small gravel operation, and a movie backlot set. Today it is maintained by Marshall and Teresa, along with their six grown children and grandchildren. Their commitment to environmental sustainability, agricultural innovation, and social responsibility, shows in all they do.

The Master Farm Family award has been presented annually since 1989, and recognizes Rocky View farm families who show excellence in the areas of community involvement, team farm management, technical farm practices, and agricultural business and industry involvement.

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