Rocky View County Recruits "Experienced" Trucks

From left to right: Deputy Reeve Solberg, Councillor Breakey, Councillor Habberfield, Reeve Boehlke, Councillor Ashdown, Councillor Arshinoff, Fire Chief Randy Smith, Councillor Kendall, and Councillor Lowther.

Rocky View County Fire Services has added two “new-to-us” trucks to its fleet of emergency vehicles. The trucks come to the County from the Denver Fire Service, after nine years of service in that community. By purchasing these two fire trucks used instead of new, the County was able to reach significant savings without sacrificing the quality of emergency services that County residents expect.

“We always look at used, new, and leasing options when replacing vehicles to ensure we get the best possible value for Rocky Viewers,” said Fire Chief Randy Smith, “Finding and purchasing quality used fire apparatus takes a great deal of research, patience, and the realization that there is a real risk in purchasing any use vehicle.”

Fire trucks typically stay with their original owners for their entire life cycle of 20-25 years, so it’s rare to find a used piece of equipment that is still suitable to use long-term. In this case, Rocky View County Fire Services was able to find quality used trucks when two American fire departments amalgamated into one, creating a surplus of equipment.

The cost of these 2008 Spartan fire trucks was $200,000 each, which included US to Canadian exchange, retro-fitting the trucks to Canadian standards, and certification of the vehicles to operate on Alberta roads. The estimated cost for the same units new would have been $800,000 each. Over the remaining 16-year life of each of these vehicles, that translates to an annual savings of $19,500.

Now that the trucks officially meet all federal and provincial requirements to immigrate, and have received their Rocky View County makeovers, they have been assigned to the Springbank and Langdon fire stations.

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