Dutch Elm Disease Prevention/Control Measures

Under the Plant Protection Act “Plant Protection Regulation” of Canada, the movement of the Dutch elm disease (DED) pathogen is regulated. Elms from a DED-infected province cannot be shipped to a disease-free province. Alberta and British Columbia are classified as DED-free.

Under the Alberta Agricultural Pests Act (APA) “Pest and Nuisance Control Regulation (PNCR)” the Dutch elm disease (DED) pathogens, smaller European elm bark beetle (SEEBB), and the native elm bark beetle (NEBB) are named declared pests. All municipalities, counties and MDs in Alberta have the responsibility and authority to prevent and control DED under the APA.

The APA provides a means for enforcement. Several sections of the APA and the Regulation can be applied. It is an offence not to take “active measures” and not to follow an inspector’s notice.

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