Environmental Assessment Work at McLean Creek

Engineering and environmental work is set to begin on McLean Creek the week of December 19 that will temporarily disrupt some trails upstream of Bragg Creek for up to eight weeks.

The work involves environmental and engineering assessments, including geotechnical drilling, to complete an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report required by the Natural Resources Conservation Board and Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency for the Springbank Reservoir (SR1) review processes.

Both regulatory authorities require an option assessment. This means that the feasibility of other sites must be explored in greater detail than was required to select the SR1 project as the preferred option. This is standard process for NRCB and CEAA reviews and would be required for any project application involving an EIA.

Every attempt will be made to minimize disruption to trails, but it may be necessary at some points to widen the trial so that drilling equipment can be brought in.  At two of the most remote locations, the equipment will be flown in by helicopter.

For project information please go to the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir web page of Alberta Environment and Parks.

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