Council Decisions: October 25, 2016

Here is a brief summary of the decisions of Rocky View County Council at the October 25, 2016 Council Meeting. More details are available on the Council Minutes and Archives page.

Planning Items

Division 7 – File: PL20150055 (08616001), Bylaw C-7605-2016, Re-designation Item – New or Distinct Agricultural Use, Ranch and Farm District to Agricultural Holdings District:  Approved

Water Service Expansion

Council tabled a proposal for the County to secure water from the Mountain View Regional Water Services Commission.  Administration was directed to research and provide additional details to aid in Council’s decision making at a future meeting.

Langdon Joint Use Site

Council voted for a budget adjustment of $260,000 to fund preliminary site development costs for the Langdon Joint Use Site. The site is a 45 acre parcel located in the Hamlet of Langdon jointly owned by Rocky View Schools and Rocky View County. Future plans call for the site to hold a high school, a recreational facility, and playing fields, all to be constructed in phases.

Land Use Bylaw Review

Council adopted the Terms of Reference for a comprehensive land use bylaw update.  Rocky View County last adopted a revised Land Use Bylaw in 1998. The bylaw has been incrementally revised and amended since, but has not been comprehensively reviewed to address broader and systemic issues.

Regional Recreation Board

Council voted to rescind the Regional Recreation Board Terms of Reference and assign the responsibilities to Council’s Policy & Priorities Committee, since the Board’s and the Committee’s mandates overlapped significantly.

Springbank Area Structure Plans

Council voted to adopt a revised Terms of Reference for the review of the Springbank Area Structure Plans, updating the terms adopted in 2013.

Electoral Boundaries

Council tabled a motion to redraw electoral boundaries to a future date.

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