Council Decisions: October 11, 2016

Here is a brief summary of the decisions of Rocky View County Council at the October 11, 2016, Council Meeting.  More details are available on the Council Minutes and Archives page.

Emergent Item

  • Division 8 – Councillor Lowther moved that the County take action to lower water levels in a pond on Meadow Drive to address potential flooding concerns.  Council voted to instruct Administration to seek permission from Alberta Environment and Parks to address the situation, and to return with a proposed budget should that permission be granted.

Planning Items

  • Division 9 – File: PL20160021 (06929014), Bylaw C-7608-2016, Re-designation Item – Ranch and Farm Two District (RF-2) to Residential Three District:  Refused
  • Division 4 – File: PL20160073, Bylaw C-7609-2016 – Re-designation Item – An amendment to Direct Control 97 to allow for an increase in the size of individual accessory buildings:  Approved
  • Division 9 – File: PL20160049 (10013150), Bylaw C-7610-2016 – Re-designation Item – Site Specific Amendment to Direct Control Bylaw (DC-123) – Existing Upper Decks:  Approved

Subdivision Authority

  • Division 1 – File: PL20150037 (03908017), Subdivision Item – Residential Two District:  Approved


Council voted to delay discussions on the updated Terms of Reference for the Springbank Area Structure Plans to a future Council meeting.

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