Rocky View County and the City of Airdrie sign Inaugural Master Shared Services Agreement  

Rocky View County and the City of Airdrie have taken a significant step forward in enhancing inter-municipal collaboration with the approval of a Master Shared Services Agreement (MSSA).

Representatives from both Councils jointly signed this agreement today, marking a positive milestone in a long-standing intermunicipal relationship. The agreement will guide both the City and County in exploring opportunities for shared services and the multitude of benefits that will stem from continued collaboration.

“This groundbreaking agreement underscores the commitment to strengthening ties between our municipalities. It highlights the cooperative spirit and collaborative efforts of two neighbouring communities that share the common goal of providing efficient and effective services to our residents,” says Rocky View County Reeve Crystal Kissel. “The approval of the MSSA demonstrates the unity and proactive decision-making of both Councils.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Rocky View County through the implementation of a Master Shared Services Agreement,” says Mayor Peter Brown. “This agreement will facilitate a collaborative intermunicipal relationship, enhancing current and future shared services ensuring they are equitable and cost-effective for residents and businesses in Airdrie and Rocky View County.”

The establishment of this agreement opens the door to identifying opportunities for shared services and confirms the potential to deliver services equitably, cost-efficiently, and effectively, ultimately benefiting the residents and businesses in both communities. Both Councils take pride in the hard work that has led to this point and are optimistic about the positive impact this agreement will have on future decision-making.

“The MSSA encourages open discussions, information sharing, and examination of potential efficiencies and cost-savings. Importantly, the agreement emphasizes that municipalities will only share services upon formal Council direction to do so, ensuring a thoughtful and strategic approach to collaboration,” said Mayor Brown.

“In essence, this agreement fosters a positive environment for our Administrations to engage in direct dialogue, working collaboratively to find optimal solutions for the delivery of services. It reflects a forward-looking approach to municipal cooperation and sets the stage for a future marked by shared successes and mutual benefits,” added Reeve Kissel.

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