Council Decisions: February 13

Here is a summary of the decisions of Rocky View County Council at the February 13, 2024 Council Meeting. This is a general overview of decisions only. Details of the agenda items can be found in the meeting’s agenda and details on the specifics of the decisions can be found in the minutes of this meeting, both on the Meetings & Hearings page. Details are also available by contacting Legislative Services at the County. 

General Business 

  • Council voted to receive, for information, the 2023 year-end audit service plan as part of the provincially mandated audit process, to be conducted by independent auditor BDO Canada LLP. 
  • Council voted to approve a motion first read into the record on February 13, 2024, asking Council to the endorse the objectives of Freedom to Read Week, and proclaim the final week of February as Freedom to Read Week in Rocky View County. This item will be debated at the February 27, 2024 Council Meeting. 
  • Update: Several scheduled General Business items were rescheduled to the February 27, 2024 and the March 12, 2024 Council Meetings through a Tabling Motion. These items include: 2024 Tax Sale Conditions, Economic Development Initiative Grant Program requests, Springbank Recycle Depot update, and a Bragg Creek Area Structure Plan update. More information can be found in the meeting video

Planning and Development 

  • Division 6 – File: PL20200150/PL20200151 (05306001/05306005), Bylaw C-8476-2023 and Bylaw C-8477-2023, Local Plan and Redesignation Item: To assess two Conceptual Scheme and Redesignation applications that facilitate industrial development within SE-06-25-28-W04M, located within the Conrich Area Structure Plan. PL20200150: To adopt the “Bridge Industrial Park Conceptual Scheme”, which provides a policy framework to guide future industrial development on the subject lands. PL20200151: To redesignate the subject lands from Agricultural, General District and Agricultural, Small Parcel District (p8.1) to Industrial, Light District, Special, Public Service District, Special, Natural Open Space District, and Special, Parks and Recreation District to facilitate the development of a full-service industrial park. Considered under the Conrich Area Structure Plan. Council voted to refer the applications back to Administration for further consideration of the land use transition and the final outcomes of the Future Policy Area for the Conrich Area Structure Plan to ensure consistency with local development and other planning documents.
  • Division 4 – File: PL20230002 (08731001), Bylaw C-8492-2024, Redesignation Item: To assess the redesignation of a ± 24.12 hectare (± 59.60 acre) portion of SE-31-28-3-W05M from Business, Recreation District to Residential, Rural District to facilitate future subdivision of 9 lots, which range from ± 2.5 hectares (± 6.18 acres) to ± 3.23 hectares (± 8.00 acres), and leaving a ± 36.58 hectare (± 90.40 acre) remainder. Considered under the County Plan. Refused. 
  • Division 2 – File: 1013-301 (Multiple Lands), Bylaw C-8463-2024 - Direct Control Amendment Item: To assess a County-led amendment to Direct Control Bylaw C-6688-2008 to allow the Development Authority the ability to consider requests to vary the required minimum property line setback distance by up to 50%. The requested variance would apply to all development cells within the Harmony Conceptual Scheme. Considered under the Harmony Conceptual Scheme. Approved as amended. 
  • Council voted to approve application PRDP20232206, with conditions, for outside storage, semitrucks, tractor trailers and equipment, single-lot regrading, and the placement of clean fill for site preparation (Phase 1) within the Heatherglen Industrial Business Park, Lot 10. 

Closed Session 

  • Council moved into a closed session to consider the confidential item “Council Code of Conduct Matter” under Sections 17, 23, and 24 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Council moved back into the public session and voted to receive the Complaints Adjudicator report for information and that the report be published to the County website. Council then approved a second motion that Councillor Hanson obtain professional training on the nature and extent of his confidentiality obligations under the Code of Conduct and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, within 60 days. 
  • Council moved into a closed session to consider the confidential item “Prairie Gateway Update” under Sections 21 and 24 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Council moved back into the public session with no follow up action. 

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