Council Decisions: January 23, 2024

Here is a summary of the decisions of Rocky View County Council at the January 23, 2024 Council Meeting. This is a general overview of decisions only. Details of the agenda items can be found in the meeting’s agenda and details on the specifics of the decisions can be found in the minutes of this meeting, both on the Meetings & Hearings page. Details are also available by contacting Legislative Services at the County.

General Business

  • Council voted to approve the Terms of Reference and associated budget adjustment for the proposed Cochrane Lake Improvement Plan, and directed Administration to sign the Cost-sharing Agreement between the County and Macdonald Communities Limited.
  • Council received, for information, a report from Capital & Engineering Services outlining the provision of a parking lot within the community of Cambridge Park to accommodate visitors from within the community and adjoining areas, and directed Administration to incorporate the initiative and associated costing in the future development of the Connecting Conrich initiative to be discussed at the February 27, 2024 Council Meeting.
  • Council voted to approve amendments made to Recreation Naming Rights policy C-329 intended to clearly identify the criteria and requirements when considering a naming proposal for recreation and community infrastructure on County-owned land.
  • Council voted to refer application PRDP20226218 for the Indus Solar Farm, to the April 9, 2024 Council Meeting, on order for Administration to bring a report summarizing the outcomes of the provincial update on the moratorium of the Alberta Utilities Commission, including possible impacts on this application.
  • Council voted to approve a one-year pilot for the maintenance and operational requirements of the six ball diamonds in Langdon for the 2024 season, and directed Administration to bring back a report on the outcomes of the pilot no later than Q4 2024.

Planning and Development

  • Division 4 – File: PL20220184 (08831001), Road Plan Closure Application: To assess the proposed closure of a ± 1.85 hectare (± 4.57 acre) portion of Plan 3964O to facilitate future consolidation with SE-31-28-04-W5M. Considered under the Municipal Government Act. Approved. Council also voted to approve application PL20220184, and directed Administration to forward the resolution to the Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors for approval.
  • Division 2 – File: PL20230026 (04826001), Bylaw Amendment Item: To consider an amendment to Bylaw C-8418-2023 to update Schedule A with a revised Plan of Survey, which is to be effected with the adoption of the attached Bylaw C-8496-2024. The Plan of Survey that was approved with the approval of second and third reading closed the road allowance to the southern boundary of Township Road 245. The revised Plan of Survey shifts the closure to be 5.00 metres (16.40 feet) further south of the southern boundary of Township Road 245. The proposed amendment is being requested to ensure that access to the area’s quarter sections is maintained with the construction of Township Road 245. Considered under the County Plan. Approved.
  • Division 3 – File: PL20220054 (06826038), Subdivision Item: To assess a proposed subdivision of Lot 4, Block 23, Plan 0812064 within SW-26-26-04-W05M to create a ± 0.73 hectare (± 1.80 acre) parcel with a ± 0.88 hectare (± 2.18 acre) remainder. Considered under the Cochrane North Area Structure Plan. Approved as amended.
  • Division 4 – File: PL20230094 (08916006), Subdivision Item: To assess a proposed subdivision of Block 2, Plan 9111177, within SE-16-28-05-W05M, to create a ± 8.45 hectare (± 20.89 acre) parcel with a ± 7.76 hectare (± 19.17 acre) remainder. Considered under the County Plan. Approved as amended.

Closed Session

  • Council moved into a closed session to consider the confidential item “Chestermere Regional Community Association Litigation Update” under Section 24 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Council moved back into the public session and directed Administration to proceed with Mandate #1 as discussed in confidential report Rocky View County-2024-06.

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