Come to your County Fire Hall – October 14 

Rocky View County Fire Stations will be open to the public from 1-4pm on Saturday October 14. Come and meet your neighbours and committed team members who keep our communities safe.  

October 8-14 is Fire Prevention week and to wrap up the week, each Fire Station in the County is hosting a public open house! You are invited to come down to your local Fire Station to meet and talk to your local fire teams. Bring your burning questions, bring the kids out to see the equipment and to learn to trust the teams who might be there at your door someday helping you out.  

The theme this year for Fire Prevention is centred around cooking safety. Did you know most house fires start in the kitchen? Did you know throwing water on a grease fire enhances the flames? Paying attention is the best course of action in the kitchen but to learn more, and understand all hazards and what to do, the National Fire Protection Association has a great resource to read, check it out here.  Keep you and your family safe. Teach your children what can happen and what to do should a fire happen.  

Rocky View County Fire Services is happy to share tips, tricks, and videos to help us be safe in the kitchen. Follow us on social and come out for a visit: 

Saturday October 14, from 1-4pm.   

There are eight Rocky View County Fire Stations that will be open to the public on October 14, from 1-4 p.m.:  

  • Madden (11 a.m.  - 2 p.m.)
  • Irricana 
  • Balzac 
  • Langdon 
  • Bearspaw 
  • Elbow Valley 
  • Springbank 
  • Redwood Meadows/Bragg Creek 

Come tell us your experiences, concerns, interests, and show the kids who might come to help in a scary situation. Every Firefighter wants everyone to feel safe and confident in the people putting on the gear, rolling up to doing the job! 

Questions? Email us at See you there!  

Bring a photo of your smoke detector’s expiry date to be entered to win a prize (non-expired smoke detectors only) for a chance to win! 

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