Rocky View County Council Approves Budget Adjustment to Advance County’s Long-term Strategy

Over the past year, Rocky View County has been diligently working to refine and update the County Strategy, revisiting our vision and aspirations, and focusing on 19 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) within key strategic themes which will serve as valuable guidance in advancing this long-term strategy.

At the July 18 Council Meeting, Council approved a one-time, mid-year budget adjustment of $804,400 funded through the Tax Stabilization Reserve to support the necessary resources needed to achieve the County’s strategic objectives aligned within the core themes of: Effective Service Delivery; Financial Prosperity; Thoughtful Growth; and the Rocky View County Advantage.

"As the County grows, the associated service needs expand correspondingly. Council is continually developing a strategy aimed at meeting or surpassing those evolving needs,” says Reeve Crystal Kissel. “To achieve our goals efficiently and effectively, we must ensure we have the capacity, skill sets, and required resources. Being able to balance the needs and considering the wants of each community requires a well thought out a plan and the resources to make that happen."

Several priority projects will advance with this budget adjustment, allowing the County to build additional capacity to deliver on existing service commitments while advancing strategic work. Projects include:

  • Continued process improvements within the Planning Department.
  • Governance support and transparency.
  • Improvements to the County’s Information Technology Strategy, particularly around the Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
  • Corporate asset management plan to ensure the county’s financial prosperity.
  • Strategic commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in service delivery.
  • Implementation of a people strategy that ensures there is alignment between the strategic aspirations of the County and the resources necessary to fulfil these plans.

“With Council's approval of this budget adjustment, alongside the consideration of the valuable input received from employees and citizens, we are able to continue to advance our strategic priorities,” said Reeve Kissel.

As this process unfolds, services will undergo continual evaluation and review to ensure sustained cost efficiencies, effectiveness, and improved customer experience. Administration will be presenting the final, updated Strategy in the fall of 2023, and providing the first in a series of regular County Accountability reports in October, which will provide information on major projects, progress on our strategy, and operational performance.

More details are available at July 18, 2023 Council Decisions

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