What does being prepared mean? 

May 8, 2023   Rocky View County urges residents to learn about being prepared for an emergency or disaster and spend time to plan during Alberta’s Emergency Preparedness Week May 8-12.  

We are not immune to emergencies or disasters! These can impact and disrupt people’s lives, property, and the environment year-round. As spring and summer approach we want to be mindful of potential hazards. Stay vigilant and up to date on the news of fire advisories, bans, river flow rates, storms, and the increase in traffic accidents.  

Let’s help each other reduce our risk to emergencies, disasters and build resilience to disruption by taking small steps towards becoming more prepared. 

Being prepared can help you reduce the impact of disruptions and improve your recovery time, so that you can get back to your life and work sooner.  

Take small steps towards being more prepared, so we are ready to navigate disruptions, whether they are big or small. 

You can #BePrepared for anything. 

What are you at risk of: 

  • House fire 
  • Wildfire 
  • Tornado 
  • Hail/Lightning Storms 
  • Railway or Tractor-trailer Spills 
  • Flooding 
  • Traffic accidents 

What can you do to be prepared: 

  1. Sign up for the Alberta Emergency Alert  
  2. Make a plan 
  3. Practice an evacuation 
  4. Make a list of assets 
  5. Do you own a fire safe with important documents in it 
  6. Can you quickly grab all important documents 
  7. Stored water, bag of supplies 
  8. Know your neighbours 
  9. Understand what your insurance covers 

For more details and tips be prepared visit:  Emergency Preparedness | Rocky View County and 

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