Councillors Censured for Code of Conduct Violations

Rocky View County Council has censured and sanctioned three councillors for a number of violations of Council’s Code of Conduct Bylaw.

At their June 11 meeting, Council voted to censure and sanction councillors Kevin Hanson, Crystal Kissel, and Samanntha Wright for providing privileged County legal information to unauthorized parties.

Council also voted to censure and sanction the three councillors for violating sections of the Code of Conduct dealing with fair and respectful communication. In a separate motion, Councillor Kissel was further censured for derogatory comments made to another councillor about the County’s Chief Administrative Officer. At the Council Meeting, Councillor Kissel read a letter of apology on this matter to the CAO, which was accepted.

Councillors Hanson, Kissel, and Wright will be removed from County committees and boards, and face other sanctions. They will still be able to fully participate in Council Meetings, and represent their constituents.

Council unanimously approved a revised Code of Conduct Bylaw in June of 2018, with the goal of ensuring the highest standards of conduct for councillors, and transparent and accountable government. This is the first time actions have been taken under the Bylaw.

In remediating the concerns raised, Council has requested direct letters of apology on some matters, and public letters of apology on others, from the three councillors sanctioned.

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