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In April 2018, the County was notified that the Bragg Creek Flood Mitigation Project was under review to be designated under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 2012 (CEAA). This request was made to Canadian Environment Assessment Agency by indigenous groups concerned about the project’s possible physical impacts to downstream reserve lands (Tsuut’ina Nation) and to wildlife, fisheries, and other traditional land uses within the project area in the Hamlet of Bragg Creek. After an extensive review process, in September 2018, the Federal Environment Minister provided a letter indicating that the project will not be designated noting “the potential adverse environment effects of the project can be addressed through the project design and standard mitigation measures identified through regulatory processes. The decision takes into account the scientific advice provided by the Agency with input from provincial authorities, indigenous groups, and expert departments, including: Environment and Climate Change Canada, Natural Resources Canada and Transport Canada”.

The Public Notice for the Water Act Application was advertised March 27, 2018. Alberta Environment and Parks officially accepted 10 letters with Statements of Concern: two – Hamlet of Bragg Creek, seven - Springbank, and one - Tsuut’ina Nation. Wood Environment and Infrastructure Solutions (formerly AMEC Foster Wheeler) provided technical responses on behalf of the County at the end of June 2018. A deadline provided to the filers to refute the information has lapsed and at the end of August, the County submitted a request to Alberta Environment and Parks to consider this part of the Public Notice process now complete.

In support of the Statements of Concern submitted by JFK Law Corporation on behalf of the Tsuut’ina Nation, PGL Environmental Consultants submitted a technical memo re: Bragg Creek Flood Mitigation Project: Potential Pathways on Effect on Downstream Lands and Waters. The memo and the technical response prepared by Wood Environment and Infrastructure Solutions have been posted for your information:

The County started acquiring project lands in May 2017. To date, approximately 65% of project lands are acquired. It should be noted that all project lands must be in-place to start construction. For more information regarding the appraisal process for acquisition of lands, please refer to the Land Appraisal Process Memo (PDF).

Indigenous Consultation

Required under the Water Act Application Process and Infrastructure Canada (INFC) Grant Contribution Agreement, the County has been in consultation with Treaty 7 Nations. INFC also required consultation with the Metis Nation of Alberta Region 3. Consultation is considered adequate when either the consulted indigenous group is satisfied and has no objections or the regulatory bodies noted accept the County’s mitigative measures to address project site specific concerns, downstream impacts, and traditional uses on provincial and federal crown lands within the project area.

The County considers consultation an on-going process even when adequacy is met to the satisfaction of the regulatory bodies. The County will endeavor to keep communications open with indigenous groups of any cultural, traditional, and archeological finds if encountered during construction of the proposed flood barriers in the Hamlet of Bragg Creek. It should be noted that Wood Environment and Infrastructure Solutions have conducted archeological and rare plant assessments and found no evidence of cultural or archeological artifacts within the project area.

The County has received a letter of no objections from three of the five Treaty 7 Nations; Blood Tribe, Piikani, and Siksika. Request for adequacy will be made to the regulatory bodies by the end of September for the Stoney Nation, Tsuut’ina Nation, and Metis Nation of Alberta Region 3. The request for adequacy timeline may change if legitimate concerns are brought forward by the outstanding indigenous groups.

Project Timeline

Land Acquisition Ongoing - May 2019
AEP Water Act Application July 2017 - June 2019*
DFO Application for Authorization July 2017 - July 2019
Preparation of Tender Specifications May 2019**
Tendering Process and Award of Construction Contract July 2019
Construction of Flood Mitigation Works August 2019
Reclamation and Site Clean-Up Summer 2021

* Subject to completion of land acquisition and First Nations consultation
** Subject to receipt of all regulatory approvals. In September 2018, 12 contracting companies prequalified to submit a tender bid.

Project timelines will be updated as more information becomes available through land acquisition negotiations, First Nation Consultation, and regulatory approvals with Alberta Environment & Parks and Fisheries & Oceans Canada.

Previous Items

Wood Environment and Infrastructure Solutions has completed the Design Report, Engineering Design Drawings, and Aquatic Environmental Assessment for the Bragg Creek Flood Mitigation Project. The Design Report compiles all previously released draft technical reports into one comprehensive master report. The studies and drawings are the supporting documents for the Water Act Application submitted to Alberta Environment and Parks on July 4, 2017. This information also supports the application to Fisheries and Oceans Canada. All draft technical reports previously posted on this website have been replaced with the final studies and drawings posted for your information:

Rocky View County held a project information session at the Bragg Creek Community Centre on February 28, 2017. The session included a review of project information boards, a presentation by the project consultant, Amec Foster Wheeler, and a public question and answer period. The evening closed with one-on-one discussions with attendees at the information boards.

The session was well attended with over 125 residents from the hamlet and surrounding area. We would like to thank the residents that attended the information session for this opportunity to share information and for their valuable input. The information boards, presentation, and responses to some frequently asked questions are posted for your information:

Frequently Asked Questions

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