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Council directed Administration to draft an aggregate resource plan in early 2015. Over the past few years, a significant amount of public engagement was undertaken, and a number of draft plans and policies were produced.

The public engagement, and Council’s many discussions and public meetings on the matter, revealed that there was no successful path forward that allowed for new County-wide policies or standards.

The process gave Council confidence that the best possible approach to aggregate extraction was to evaluate each individual application on its own merit. On April 30, 2019, a Council vote confirmed this approach going forward.

The feedback received from Rocky Viewers contributed to Council’s decision, and the County thanks everyone who participated for their involvement.


What is Aggregate?

Aggregates are used as an important raw or processed material for construction of roads, buildings, and other infrastructure.

Generally, aggregate describes any sand, rock, gravel, and crushed stone typically removed from the ground through surface excavation.


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