County maps are available in paper and digital form and can be obtained online, by mail, and by request in person at the County Municipal Building. The following outlines the maps and information available, formats, and purchase details.

Full Rocky View County Map

The PDF map below is a detailed map of Rocky View County, including all roads, road surface types, land divisions, streams, and section numbering.

Land Use Bylaw Maps

Open the PDF and click on an area to see detailed land use designations. Land Use Bylaw maps are updated regularly based on Council’s decisions on re-designation.

Hamlet & Area Maps

The following maps show municipal addresses:

Map Purchases

County Ownership Maps

The 2015 County 1:100,000 ownership map is available for purchase at the price of $20.00 (plus GST). Maps are available at the County Administration Office or from Map Town. Maps can also be mailed at an additional cost of $20.00 (plus GST) by completing the Map Order Form and faxing it to 403.277.5977 or emailing

Custom Maps

Printed aerial photographs may be purchased for a fee. The most recent aerial photos were captured during the Spring of 2016 at a .1m pixel resolution within County Hamlets, and .3m pixel resolution otherwise.

Digital Data Purchases

Rocky View County’s digital data can be purchased in either AutoCAD or Shapefile formats. The cost is $50 for the first section and $25 for each additional section. Geo-positioned orthophotos are also available in a digital format at a cost of $40 for the first section and $20 for each additional section. A completed Order Form for Digital Data and License Agreement must accompany all orders.


Geographics & Mapping