New County Hall


In 2015, Rocky View County Council approved the construction of a new County Hall on County-owned land in East Balzac. The site currently includes the Balzac Fire Hall and a County fleet maintenance building.

Construction of the new County Hall began in late August of 2016, and is expected to be completed in late 2018.

Project Goals

The County Hall project’s established goals are:

  • To construct a County municipal building that is in Rocky View County.
  • To eliminate the time County Administration staff spends in Calgary traffic before getting into the County to do their jobs.
  • To improve overall operational efficiency by locating most of the County’s various operations at one location.
  • To improve the service provided to Rocky Viewers (better parking, faster response times, more efficient service desks, etc.).
  • To provide opportunities to share building amenities (meeting rooms, etc.) with County-based community groups.

Project Deliverables

A Rocky View County municipal building that is:

  • Sufficiently sized to support the municipal government required for the forecasted County population growth identified within the County Plan
  • Flexibly designed to support new service delivery models (such as remote service points) should greater-than-anticipated population growth occur
  • Optimized for facilitating service delivery to residents and businesses in the County

Construction Update

Construction started in August of 2016, and to date substantial work has been completed on the foundations and groundwork for the new County Hall site.

Lift Station

The County awarded a contract for the construction of a wastewater lift station required to service the campus site. That lift station has now been commissioned and is operational.


Items Project Budget Expenditures to Nov. 30/16
Construction Costs $25,000,000 $1,806,538
Fixtures, Furniture & Equipment $2,500,000 $31,500
Site Work $7,600,000 $2,303,387
Consulting Fees $2,300,000 $1,437,720
Contingency $2,500,000 $0
Levy Payments $2,100,000 $1,359,600
Total $42,000,000 $6,938,742

Major Milestones to Date

  • 2003 — The current Rocky View County municipal building in Calgary reaches the end of its planned lifecycle.
  • 2005 — Work begins on plans to renovate and expand the existing building.
  • 2006 — A consultant’s report finds that expansion was not economically feasible due to architectural, mechanical, electrical, and energy consumption shortfalls in the structure.
  • 2008 — An architectural firm reviews the existing building and provides a needs assessment and spatial analysis. The report detailed that 9,300 sq.m. (100,000 sq. ft.) would be required to accommodate Rocky View County’s existing operations and future growth.
  • 2009 — Council approves the purchase of land in Balzac with the purpose of moving operations out of Calgary and into Rocky View County.

    After a month-long open house and a public hearing, Council approves a Master Site Development Plan and land use redesignation for the Balzac site. The plan includes a municipal building, public works facility, and fire station. It sets aside 20 acres for future community recreation use, and outlines areas for potential future business development.

    Rocky View County applies to the Province for funding to build a fire station on the new site. The Province approves Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) funding of $10 million and construction begins.
  • 2011 — Council investigates renovation, leasing and new building options, and approves preliminary design work on the proposed new building to develop accurate cost estimates.
  • 2012 — After reviewing preliminary design and costing, County Council reduces the planned size of the proposed municipal building by over 20 percent.

    Rocky View County applies to the Province of Alberta for funding to build a public works facility on the Balzac site. The Province approves MSI funding of $8.7 million, and construction begins.

    The County applies to the Province of Alberta for funding to build a new municipal building. Approval is delayed pending certain Council decisions.
  • 2014 — The Province approves $32 million in MSI funding for a new municipal building.

    A special publication is prepared on the project and delivered to County addresses. The public is invited to comment on the project.

    County Council requests a reconfirmation of the needed space, a final design, and more detailed cost estimates on the County Hall.
  • 2015 — Council formally approves the allocation of $32 million in MSI funding to the project, plus $10 million in County funding to cover County Hall project-related infrastructure.

    The County commissions and receives an updated land appraisal for the current municipal building site in northeast Calgary.

    The County awards architectural design services.
  • 2016 — The County awards a construction contract for the lift station required to service the site.

    The County awards project ITT 16-007 - Rocky View County Hall to Bird Construction Ltd.

    The County awards a construction contract for the Rocky View County Hall to Bird Construction Ltd.

    Construction of the new County Hall begins in August.

    The lift station is commissioned and made operational in October/November.

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