Many Rocky Viewers may own land and want to use it for a different purpose than it’s being used for now. For example, you may want to divide and sell your land to another person, family member, or company. To do this, you need to subdivide your land.

There are three general steps that need to take place in order to subdivide:

  1. Redesignation
    A process that changes the uses allowed on a parcel of land. Learn about Redesignation.
  2. Subdivision
    The legal process to obtain title to a new parcel of land by dividing larger parcels of land into smaller lots. Learn about Subdivision.
  3. Endorsement
    The process wherein the County reviews the conditions of approval and confirms that they have been met. Learn about Endorsement.

Use the links above for detailed information on the land use process you're working on. The following resources may also be helpful:


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