Specialized Municipality

Public engagement was held in Spring 2020 and the feedback was compiled into a What We Heard Report (PDF) and a Council Report (PDF, pg. 762).

On July 28, Council voted to apply to the Province to become a specialized municipality, with Balzac East, Bragg Creek, Conrich (hamlet and business area), Harmony, Janet, Langdon, and Springbank Airport area as the designated urban service areas. More details are available in the Council Report (PDF, pg. 204).

Rocky View County is considering applying to the Province of Alberta to change our municipal classification to specialized municipality. This change would allow us to provide more geographically targeted services to residents and businesses, both now and in the future.

The County has a unique blend of urban and rural development, with different residential service needs across our many hamlets, farms, acreages, and country residential areas. The County’s regional business centres also have varying service needs.

Currently, we can’t easily implement the different service levels that are needed across the County.

What It Means For You

As a specialized municipality, the County could create residential and business urban service delivery areas that are supported by different tax rates based on the services provided. Linking service levels to tax rates would create a more equitable system for all ratepayers.

While residents, businesses, or Council could explore different service levels for an area, any future changes to services and tax rates would only be made after public engagement and a Council vote. A prospective tax increase would be balanced against the County’s commitment to maintaining competitive tax rates.

Initially, we envision creating the following five residential (hamlets) and four business urban service areas, all based on their respective approved plans. These designations would be governance changes only, and would not represent land use changes.


  • Balzac West
  • Conrich
  • Glenbow
  • Harmony
  • Langdon

Business Areas

  • Balzac East
  • Conrich
  • Janet
  • Springbank Airport & Commercial Area (North Springbank)

View a map of the Proposed Urban Service Areas (PDF)

New service areas could be created in the future, as the need arises. By creating urban service areas, the County and its community groups would also be able to access provincial and federal funding programs that are targeted to towns. Currently, these cannot be accessed since we are considered a rural municipality only.

Becoming a specialized municipality would allow our mix of urban and rural residential communities, as well as our commercial, industrial, and agricultural businesses, to operate effectively under a single municipal government. Recognizing our urban areas would enhance and sustain services in our growing residential communities, and would support economic diversification in the County.


Ask Questions

If you have additional questions or feedback about this initiative, please contact Ben Manshanden at bmanshanden@rockyview.ca and/or Amy Zaluski at azaluski@rockyview.ca.

Project Timelines

  • Public Engagement
    March to April 2020
    Online feedback received. (Survey closed April 13)
  • What We Heard Report & Council Presentation
    June 2020
    Results of public feedback are posted online and presented to Council for information.
  • Council Votes on Next Steps
    July 2020
    An application for specialized municipality status requires Council approval to proceed.
  • Final Decision, if applicable
    Late 2020 (anticipated)
    The Province of Alberta makes the final decision on whether the County is given specialized municipality status.


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