Rocky View County is comprised of a unique blend of urban and rural development, with different residential service needs cross our many hamlets, farms, acreages, country residential, and business centres.

To ensure that all proposed development is controlled and performed to an industry standard, the County implemented an engineering servicing standards manual that the development industry is required to conform to in designing and constructing infrastructures for any proposed developments.

The servicing standards guide design, preparation, and submission of plans and specifications for construction and development of services supporting all areas of Rocky View County.

This manual was last updated in 2013. With continual developments and advancements in the field of civil/municipal engineering, civil construction, and provincial regulations, it is important for the County to initiate the process to update our existing servicing standards to ensure they align with industry standards and provincial regulations.

The objective for this update is to remove any inconsistencies within the existing servicing standards, and ensure alignment with current industry standards and regulations. The intended outcomes are to have a servicing standards that clearly communicates County’s requirements to developers, residents, or anyone conducting business within the County and align with all County’s policies, bylaws, and applicable federal, provincial and municipal regulations.

Project Timeline

Phase 1 Background Review and Analysis Summer 2020
Phase 2 Public and Stakeholder Engagement Spring 2021
Phase 3 Proposed Amendments to the Servicing Standards Mid 2021
Phase 4 Presentation of Final “Draft” Servicing Standards to Council 2021 (TBD)

Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved in this project.

  • Contact Jeannette Lee at, or call 403-230-1401 for questions, updates, or further information.
  • Follow the project on this webpage. We will post updates and upcoming events.


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