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On December 13, 2022, Council approved the Terms of Reference for the Municipal Development Plan Review Project.

Meeting minutes and video of the proceedings are available on the Meetings & Hearings webpage.

Previous Items

On July 23, 2021, draft Municipal Development Plan Bylaw C-8090-2020 was presented to the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) for consideration. The Plan was rejected by the Board, despite a CMRB Administration recommendation of approval and a third-party review which found them compliant with the Interim Growth Plan. Meeting minutes and video of the proceedings are available on the CMRB Board & Committee webpage.

Where appropriate, the Municipal Development Plan Review Project will use previous work completed and stakeholder feedback received during preparation of the previous draft Municipal Development Plan Bylaw C-8090-2020.


What is a Municipal Development Plan?

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is a statutory plan that outlines the overall vision for a municipality’s future growth from a planning and development perspective and guides how and where the municipality will grow.

Why is Rocky View County updating the Municipal Development Plan?

The Calgary Metropolitan Region Growth Plan (Regional Growth Plan) was approved by Ministerial Order (MSD:064/22) on August 15, 2022.

The Regional Growth Plan requires Rocky View County and all other CMRB member municipalities to update their MDP to align with the Regional Growth Plan by August 15, 2025

What does the Regional Growth Plan forecast for the County?

The Regional Growth Plan forecasts the Calgary Metropolitan Region’s (CMR) population and employment growth from 2018 to 2048. Rocky View County is expected to see a population increase of 24,960 residents, which represents 3% of the forecasted population growth in the CMR. In addition, the Regional Growth Plan forecasts 69,010 new jobs in the County by 2048. This employment growth represents 14% of the forecasted employment growth in the CMR over this 20-year period. If the forecast proves correct, then the County will see the second highest employment growth within the CMR, following Calgary (69%) and ahead of Airdrie (5%).

Project Overview

The review and revision of the County’s MDP is a significant undertaking that requires substantial time, resources, and input from a wide range of partners. The MDP Review project will result in a new MDP that is in accordance with higher-level plans (Municipal Government Act (MGA) and Regional Growth Plan) and would serve as a roadmap for orderly, efficient, and sustainable growth in Rocky View County over the next 20 years.

Project Timeline & Key Deliverables

The Municipal Development Plan Review Project will be completed across four phases, of which we are currently in Phase 1.

Public Engagement

Phase 2 marks the official public launch of the project. Engagement activities will initially be focused on releasing the background report; establishing core priorities; and highlighting baselines and constraints for the project.

The Engagement Plan will set an overall strategy for obtaining feedback from stakeholders. Information on how to get involved will be posted on this page when available.


Get Involved

There are several ways to stay informed about this project.

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Planning Policy

County Plans Overview

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