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We heard you and we want to hear more!

Following the last round of public engagement, we received feedback regarding frustration with the lack of information that was provided. It was our intent to share additional information with you, as we know this project is important to you and we continue to look for feedback.

With this round of engagement, we have provided more information and an additional opportunity to share your thoughts on the draft Vision and Goals, draft Land Use Concept, as well as the draft Area Structure Plan (ASP) document.

An online survey is available from September 7 to 27, 2021.

For this survey, we are targeting to reach more stakeholders, and as a result, previous survey respondents may have to answer several previously asked questions, along with the new questions. We’re excited to hear from you!

We are now in Phase 2 – Concept Refinement. As part of this project phase, we are presenting the draft Glenmore Trail ASP for review. Public input during this phase will help refine and finalize the draft plan, as well as help revise and formulate new policies to guide future community growth. In parallel, the draft plan will be circulate to internal departments and agencies. We expect that this version may go to Council for preliminary consideration (First Reading), but it is by no means the final approval.

To make the most of your time, you are encouraged to read the draft Glenmore Trail Area Structure Plan before completing the survey. Also, for additional information, please feel free to read the draft Vision and Goals and draft Land Use Concept.


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On May 26, 2020 Rocky View County Council approved a Terms of Reference for an applicant-led Area Structure Plan for the Glenmore Trail East Corridor. Please refer to the draft Glenmore Trail ASP (PDF) to learn more about the project details. The Landowner Steering Committee (LSC), a group of landowners within the plan area, are leading the Glenmore Trail Area Structure Plan (ASP) and have retained a consulting team to assist in the preparation of the plan. Once drafted, the Glenmore Trail ASP will be presented to Council for consideration.

Based on the approved Terms of Reference, the Glenmore Trail ASP is intended to provide a range of specialized residential, regional commercial, and industrial development. The Terms of Reference is listed in the Documents section below.

The Glenmore Trail ASP area comprises approximately 1,000 hectares (2,471 acres) of land in southeast Rocky View County. It is generally located between Range Road 274 and Range Road 282, and on both sides (north and south) of Glenmore Trail. The area is located east of the City of Calgary, directly west of the Hamlet of Langdon, and south of the City of Chestermere, immediately adjacent to its southern boundary.

This plan will provide a framework for development of this area by outlining a vision and goals, future land use, transportation, open spaces, emergency services, environmental protection, and utility servicing requirements.

From the comments received, we heard that you wanted to know what determined this ASP's location. There are growing needs in the region for commercial, industrial, and residential neighbourhood hubs that respect the existing rural character of the area. This area is uniquely situated due to its regional connectivity along key corridors (Glenmore Trail and Highway 791) and between growing municipal neighbours, making it a logical location for a vibrant employment and services hub that will serve the needs of the region.

Project Timeline

This project will involve stakeholder and public engagement to inform the preparation of the plan in the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Site Analysis, Vision, and Concept Development
    March - September 2021
    This phase includes the first opportunity for engagement. Through site analysis and collaboration with the Landowner Steering Committee, the project team prepared a draft concept for review. The draft concept outlines the proposed land use, open space network, transportation, and phasing for the community. Public input received during this phase of engagement will inform a refined concept and draft policies.
  • Phase 2: Concept Refinement
    September - October 2021
    The second engagement opportunity takes place in this phase. The project team will share how public input helped to shape the finalized concept and present the draft Glenmore Trail ASP for review. Public input during this phase of engagement will help to finalize the draft Plan and help the project team formulate the necessary policies to guide the community’s growth.
  • Phase 3: Council Presentation and Public Hearing
    October - December 2021 (Date to be confirmed)
    The Glenmore Trail ASP is presented to Council for consideration of First Reading. This would not be a Public Hearing. If passed, the plan would proceed to Public Hearing and Second Reading. This would be the final opportunity for public input. If approved by Rocky View County Council, the Glenmore Trail ASP would then be reviewed by the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) and evaluated against the Interim Regional Evaluation Framework. If approved by the CMRB, the plan would return to Council for Third and final Reading. This is when the Glenmore Trail ASP would be adopted by Council.

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The Landowner Steering Committee has retained Urban Systems Ltd. to facilitate the public engagement for the Glenmore Trail ASP.

Due to COVID-19 and the need for physical distancing, public engagement on this project will not be held in person at this time to ensure the safety of everyone involved. However, depending on public health and safety guidance in place in the future, in-person events may be held in accordance with the appropriate public health measures.

As part of Phase 2, we want to hear from you! We modified our online survey which will be open from September 7 to 27, 2021. This survey is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts on the Plan’s draft Vision and Goals, and the draft Land Use Concept.

To make the most of your time, you are encouraged to read the draft Glenmore Trail Area Structure Plan (PDF) before completing the survey. Also, for additional information, please feel free to read the draft Vision and Goals and draft Land Use Concept (PDF).

There are several ways to get involved in this project.

  • If you have any questions about the project, please email Mike Coldwell, Urban Systems Ltd., at or Jessica Anderson, Senior Planner, Rocky View County, at or phone 403- 230-1401.
  • Fill out the form below and we will send you regular email updates.
  • Follow the project on this webpage. We will post regular updates and upcoming events.


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