Bragg Creek Flood Mitigation


Important Notice

Since the catastrophic 2013 flood that occurred in Southern Alberta, the County has been working on implementing a flood preparedness plan for the hamlet of Bragg Creek including the construction of flood mitigation infrastructure within the community. Construction of the flood barrier structures started in early 2021 in preparation for spring and the 2022 freshet, the infrastructure is now fully operational.

The County, together with the project design consultant, will be closely monitoring the levels of the Elbow River considering the heavy rains forecasted for the week of June 13, 2022. If the water level in the Elbow River becomes critical, alerts will be provided through Rocky View County’s Safe & Sound System to the community.


The hamlet of Bragg Creek is subject to regular flooding, with significant events recorded as early as 1915. In 2013, flooding caused widespread damage in the Bragg Creek area to municipal infrastructure, flood protection works, homes, property, and businesses along the Elbow River. The flooding had economic and social impacts in the community long after the waters receded and the physical damage repaired.

In recognition of this long-standing risk, the Federal Government and Government of Alberta has committed funding for the flood mitigation project to protect the community to a design level of 1:100 year event.

Latest News

Even though there may not appear to be construction activity within the defined project areas, these areas are still considered active and are not open to the public until formally transferred to the County which is expected in June 2022. Based on progress to date, the hamlet should have full flood protection by the freshet that occurs annually in the Elbow River in May and June.

Wilco Southwest Contractors Inc. is planning to work in an expedited manner to provide full flood protection to the community. Due to the heavy construction of the project, area residents should expect disruptions and nuisances throughout the day. Wilco will mitigate as follows:


  • Work hours will be in accordance with the County Noise Control Bylaw – Monday to Saturday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • No work will occur on Sundays, however, an exemption may be requested if high-risk tasks could not be completed within the periods allocated in the noise control bylaw.


  • A water truck will be on-site full-time to abate dust on gravel roads and the construction site.
  • A road sweeper will be on-site full-time to keep paved roads clean of mud and gravel when tracked in by construction vehicles.


  • Truck hauling weight will be in accordance with the County Road Bans.
  • Trucks will have dedicated haul routes approved and monitored by the County. Please note that routes are subject to change.

Please follow all posted signage, be patient, and watch for workers and moving equipment.

Previous Information

In December 2019, the County started preparing the site for construction of the flood barrier structures. Project limits within the properties purchased were cleared of trees and structures demolished.  In June 2020, construction of the flood barrier structures started. The flood barrier structures on the south side of the river are expected to be operational by year-end 2021 and on the north side by end of March 2022.

Recent aerial pictures show current progress:

Project Timeline


  • Riverbank Armoring = 475 m. Erosion prone areas outside of the flood barrier areas noted above.

December 31, 2021

  • Department of Fisheries and Oceans Offsetting Measures – Threepoint Creek.
  • East Flood Barrier (south side of river) 2,422 m., expected to be operational.
  • Yoho Tinda Flood Barrier (north side of river) 580 m., expected to be operational.

March 31, 2022

  • West Flood Barrier including Bracken Bridge (north side of river) 1,060 m., expected to be operational.

June 30, 2022

  • East Flood Barrier: clean up, landscaping, and fencing completed.
  • West Flood Barrier: clean up, landscaping, and fencing completed.
  • Yoho Tinda Flood Barrier clean up, landscaping, and fencing completed.

Background & Updates

Technical Information


Rocky View County would like to thank the Alberta and federal governments for sponsoring this project. The grants offered between the two levels of government total $42.2 M: provincial $36.4 M and federal $5.8 M.

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