Balzac East Area Structure Plan Amendment


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On June 29, 2021, Council held a Public Hearing to consider the proposed Balzac East Area Structure Plan amendment.

Following the hearing, Second Reading of the Balzac East Area Structure Plan Amendment Bylaw was passed and Administration was directed to submit the Plan to the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB). To view the County’s submissions, visit the CMRB website.

Following a decision by the Board, Administration will return to Council.

Recent milestones in the Balzac Area Structure Plan project include:

Recordings and reports relating to these Council Meetings are available on the Meetings and Hearings page.

The Balzac East Area Structure Plan document can be viewed below:

Please note, changes from first reading are shown in red and deleted text is shown by strikethroughs.


On October 27, 2020 Rocky View County Council approved a Terms of Reference for an applicant-led Area Structure Plan expansion for approximately 465 acres of new land located at the northeast corner of Range Road 291 and Highway 566. Note that technical considerations and stakeholder feedback may result in an amendment to the final Balzac East Area Structure Plan Amendment boundary, subject to approval by Council. The landowner within the plan area are leading the Balzac East Area Structure Plan, and have retained WSP Canada Inc. to assist in the preparation of the Area Structure Plan Amendment. Once drafted, the plan will be presented to Council for consideration.

The proposed expansion of the Balzac East Area Structure Plan would allow for a range of commercial and industrial development in the Balzac East area, expanding opportunity for similar existing uses to serve the larger region. This expansion will be a multi-decade planning and development process, inclusive of developing an approach to servicing and open space through a phased development.

Project Timeline

  • Phase 1: Planning
    October – December 2020
    Project terms of reference proceeds to council, and initiation begins of the technical studies.
  • Phase 2: Execution
    January – April 2021
    Newsletter mail-outs and interview opportunities with adjacent landowners and public engagement will take place to gather input. Feedback will help to finalize the preliminary concept for the Balzac East Area Structure Plan expansion and develop the necessary policies to guide the area’s growth.
  • Phase 3: Approval
    May-September 2021
    The Area Structure Plan expansion is presented to Council for consideration of First Reading. This would not be a Public Hearing. If passed, the plan would proceed to Public Hearing and Second Reading. This would be the final opportunity for public input. If approved by Council, the Area Structure Plan expansion would then be reviewed by the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) and evaluated against the Interim Regional Evaluation Framework. If approved by the CMRB, the Area Structure Plan would return to Council for Third and Final Reading. This is when the plan would be adopted by Council.


The technical studies to support the proposed ASP are available below:

Get Involved

The landowner has retained WSP Canada Inc. to facilitate the public engagement for the Balzac East ASP.

There are several ways to get involved in this project.

  • Contact Jessica Anderson at or 403-230-1401, or Chen Peng at, for questions, updates or further information.
  • Fill out the form below to receive project updates and learn about future opportunities to participate.
  • Follow the project on this webpage. We will post updates and upcoming events.



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