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The Land Use Bylaw controls development by dividing Rocky View County into land use districts, prescribing the uses of land and buildings, and establishing a system for issuing development permits. The County is in the process of a full review and update of the current Bylaw.

Latest News

The County hosted three Open Houses; Oct 7, 10, and 17, 2019; to hear from residents on the Draft Land Use Bylaw. Materials from the Open Houses are available for your review:

An online survey was also conducted from Oct 7–27, 2019 for those that were unable to attend the Open Houses.

The County has prepared an Engagement Summary Report, which presents the feedback received during the Phase 3 Public Engagement. The report is includes a summary and analysis of the feedback received through the three Open Houses held in October and the online survey.


The County last adopted a revised Land Use Bylaw in 1998. Although the bylaw has been amended over time, a comprehensive review has not been undertaken since its enactment.

In October 2016, County Council approved a Terms of Reference for a comprehensive bylaw review.

Draft Land Use Bylaw

The County, along with a third party consultant, has undertaken the review of the content and structure of the Land Use Bylaw to:

  • Consider land use regulation best practices
  • Align with existing County policies and Provincial requirements
  • Provide clarity to existing development regulations
  • Improve readability and reduce misinterpretation of regulations
  • Simplify the development permit process
  • Keep current development/subdivision rights
  • Consolidate, simplify, and rename regulations
  • Remove unnecessary regulations
  • Modernize regulations to reflect current development trends
  • Minimize red tape for residents and stakeholders

This process has resulted in the Draft Land Use Bylaw.

It is important to note that any Land Use District changes will not impact how you currently use your land. However, if you choose to change or develop your land in the future, you will need to follow any new or updated regulations of the Land Use District.

As part of the review, it was identified that there were numerous land use districts significantly similar to each other. To remove redundancy, these districts have been consolidated. The table below identifies which existing districts were consolidated in the Draft Land Use Bylaw.

Project Timeline

The review will be completed in five phases:

Phase 1 Background Review and Analysis 2016-2017
Phase 2 Drafting changes to the Land Use Bylaw 2019
Phase 3 Public Engagement October 2019
Phase 4 Finalize Land Use Bylaw 2019
Phase 5 Presentation of Final Land Use Bylaw to Council 2020

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