Please Note: Rocky View County has closed County Hall temporarily due to ongoing concerns with the COVID-19 virus. During this time, the Building Services Department has limited staff and resources while working remotely. Processing times for permit applications, fee payments and general inquiries may be longer than average.

In person permit applications (at our counters), and inspections of occupied buildings will not be accommodated at this time.

We thank you in advance for your patience. Please review our current service levels as outlined below.

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Do I need a Building Permit to construct an accessory building or a detached garage?

A Building Permit is required for the construction of any building that is 10m2 (107ft2) or greater. This includes prefabricated buildings.

Other permits that may be required: Electrical, Plumbing and Gas

Where do I apply?

Applications are accepted in person only.

County Hall
Building Services Counter
262075 Rocky View Point
Rocky View County, AB, T4A 0X2
(map & hours)

What do I need to bring?

The following must be brought to the Building Services counter when applying for a permit:

When will I receive my permit?

Your application will be reviewed and issued within two to three weeks. Depending on the scope of the project, some Accessory Building Permits may be issued on a same day basis provided the application is complete and complies with Rocky View County Bylaws and the Alberta Building Code.

What are the rules and safety standards for accessory buildings and detached garages?

Some of the building code requirements, bylaws and common concerns are:

  • All buildings must meet the minimum setback requirements as specified in the Land Use Bylaw. Size and height requirements may also apply. Check
  • pertaining land use zoning guidelines.
  • Accessory buildings greater than 592 square feet (55m2) require concrete footings and foundation walls at a minimum four feet below grade.
  • Pole buildings greater than 592 square feet require professional involvement.
  • For move-on accessory buildings, please provide two photos: a side and a front view of the building.
  • If the accessory building will be wired or heated, you will require a permit for electrical, gas and possibly plumbing. If you do not intend to wire or heat the building until a later date, you can apply for these permits when required.

For Hydronic and Geothermal projects, please refer to the County’s Information Sheets for Standata and reference materials.

Other Information

  • If the proposed accessory building does not meet the Bylaw requirements, a Development Permit application must be made prior to making an application for a Building Permit.
  • Reduce the risk of personal injury and property damage. Contact Alberta One-Call at 1-800-242-3447 and request to have the location of utilities marked.
  • A Foundation Permit may be granted if all of the required items are included with the application. A Foundation Permit allows for excavation and partial construction while the Building Permit is under review. The fee for a Foundation Permit is $100.
  • Please note: This is not a complete list of requirements. For more detail on the specific rules applicable to your property, please see the Accessory Buildings Checklists (at the top of this page).

Please note: It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the work being carried out does not contravene the requirements of restrictive covenants, caveats or any other restrictions registered against the property.

For detailed and complete building code and fire regulations please refer to the Alberta Building Code and the Alberta Fire Code or contact the Province of Alberta’s Public Safety Division at 1-866-421-6929.


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